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The Lan City Story

This is a reprint from The Lan City Story at FGBMFI (FGBMFI.Net!)

Welcome to Lan City, Philippines!

No matter where you are in the world, if you are in FGBMFI this website is for you!

If you want to see, just click FGBMFI Lan City Philippines and check out who our FGBMFI Chapter Officers and Members are. I am pretty sure you will know some of them, if you think about it!

The purpose of this FGBMFI Lan City Philippines website is to teach you how to make a FREE FGBMFI Chapter Website! That is right, FREE! All it takes is your willingness to make it. It is not even that complex of a task. If you can send and receive email, it is likely you can make a website like this one for your chapter. At Least You Can With Our Instructions!

Best of all, if you get stuck at any point, I am just an email away! Just email me with the problem and I will do what I can to help you fix it! "Are you any good?" You might ask! Well, "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me!!" However, I have been practicing since the "Internet" was invented in the early 70's. In fact, before the Internet, we had a thing called ARPANET where we developed the Internet!

ARPA, the Advanced Research Projects Agency, was later renamed DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Yes, this was and is a part of the United States Military. They run a very interesting web site at www.DARPA.mil

The point is I have been doing this for a while, and I know what I need to know... That is good for YOU!

This is a reprint from The Lan City Story at FGBMFI (FGBMFI.Net!)

Why Have A Website?

Well, the main reason is to spread the gospel! But there are practical reasons also. Take a look at this FGBMFI Lan City Philippines site. Now just say you were going on a vacation, Scuba diving is popular here, and let's say you were going to be staying in Lan City (ok, I know it is a fictional place, just go with me on this one). So you reach out to Google, and you type in a few words... "FGBMFI Lan City Philippines" (Note: I did not want you to have to type that, so I typed it for you and you can just click, but it opens in a new window or tab!)

If you clicked on that link, you will notice how quickly Google sent you directly to FGBMFI Lan City Philippines. So why would you type that... Ok, I assume you are an FGBMFI member, or know about FGBMFI. So you are a brother in the Lord and while you are on vacation, in Lan City, you wanted some good Christian Fellowship... Hence, FGBMFI is what you are looking for, and Lan City Philippines is the Place you are looking for it!

Try this, type into Google (or Yahoo) "FGBMFI" followed by YOUR City and your Country. If you live where you need a state or province, put in that too. Are the first five things about your FGBMFI Chapter? Don't you think They Should Be?

People Are Looking For You!

I get plenty of emails asking pretty much the same question... "How can I contact FGBMFI?" They Always include the place! Some of these are even posted on FGBMFI Networking! Click the link and see if someone is looking for you!

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

I have, literally, had a man walk up to me, a total stranger, and ask me "What Must I Do To Be Saved?" Well, his words were not English, however, he asked me because he knew I am a believer, and follow the Lord and the Scriptures.

I have likewise received emails asking me how to be born-again! Why? Because they were looking for FGBMFI in some city or town somewhere and ended up writing to me. Maybe they were looking for YOU! your Chapter!

Are You Sending People To Hell?

Ok, that may be a little harsh, but give it some serious consideration? Are you, by Not having an FGBMFI Chapter Website, causing a person to miss salvation and to spend Eternity in Hell?

I bet you never thought about it that way... I think about that all the time. That is why I am committed to building a FGBMFI Chapter Website for EVERY CHAPTER IN THE WORLD!

How Many Chapters Are There?

Well, gee... No one actually seems to know the answer to that. We usually hear 6,000 or 7,000! Wow! And our vision is to build a chapter website for every chapter in the World! Pretty Big Vision Isn't it! Will YOU help us by building a Website for YOUR Chapter!

Where No Man Has Gone Before!

I know, it is a line out of Star Trek! But maybe Mr. Spock has the right idea... To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before! Guess What? Did you know that EVERY Nation on this Earth is in some way connected to the Internet? Take a look at the FGBMFI National webpage. At the top of that page, striped in blue and white, are the links to working National FGBMFI Websites. There are about 40 at last count. FGBMFI says it is operating in 160 countries, but only 1/4 of them have even a national website! That means there are 120 Nations, and thousands of chapters, who have no website and cannot be found!

Remember, these websites are FREE, require very little Internet Skills, and people get saved by the power of God through them... If your chapter does not have a website, why? More exactly, why don't you make one?

Now look at the Bottom of that same page. There are about 360 places on this earth that the Internet is being used. All these places, someone there has an Internet connection. Maybe it is only the leader, a cruel dictator! However, wouldn't you like him to be reading your FGBMFI Chapter Website telling about the goodness of the Lord. We all like sheep have gone astray. There is none righteous, no not one! Remember, Paul was trying to murder the followers of Jesus before he became one of them!

What About Hostile Nations?

Ok, you got me. Maybe on Earth there is somewhere a chapter that should not have a website... because they might get hurt. Although, I am not sure that always applies either. If you are in a place like that, contact me and I can help you build a website that will help you witness to your area without putting you in grave danger.

However, lets be real, If you are reading this, you know a few chapters that have no website and are not in any danger of anything! Do you live in Canada, or the UK or the USA? MOST of the Chapters here do Not have a Chapter Website! And people are dying and going to hell in those places also!

This is a reprint from The Lan City Story at FGBMFI (FGBMFI.Net!)

I Cannot Afford A Domain Name!

Not a problem! Remember, I said this was FREE. It is being paid for by me and some others who want to spread the Gospel around the globe. Ok, let's make you a domain name like the one I am using on FGBMFI Lan City Philippines... It is really easy...

FGBMFI Networking!

Really, we are talking about FGBMFI Networking. Jesus was perhaps the best net-worker in the world! So first of all let's take FGBMFI NET Working, and cut it down to the Prophecy Demos, our founder, had ... "FGBMFI NET"

Your Country!

You likely already know what your two letter country code is. If not LOOK HERE! There are about 360 listed!

For me, Lan City Philippines is in the Philippines, so I used PH. If you are in California, you may need both a State Code and a Country Code, so yours would be CAUS for California, United States!

Your City or Town!

So now I added Lan City. So it looks like Lan City PH, slam it together without space and it looks like lancityph.fgbmfi.net and that is what I am using.

If I was in Torrance California, USA, I would get...



I actually like lancityph.fgbmfi.net It goes with the old way of doing things... But if you want, you could use some dashes like...




What about WWW?

First of all, if you choose to use dashes ( - ) you must ALWAYS use them, or not use them.

You cannot switch from lancityph.fgbmfi.net to lan-city-ph.fgbmfi.net... it just will not work.

However, you can consider the www as optional... choose to set it up with it or without it, it is up to you!

The Easy Way

The easy way to get your FGBMFI Chapter Domain Name is just write down your City or Town, only letters and no spaces. Then put your state code if you live in America. Then your two letter country code. Remember, letters only, nothing else. Then you have something like "lancityph", now add .fgnmfi.net. I came up with lancityph.fgbmfi.net - your's will be different!

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

The last step is to just ask and you will get it, and you can build, easily, a beautiful FGBMFI Chapter Website!

This is a reprint from The Lan City Story at FGBMFI (FGBMFI.Net!)

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